We employ the power of mycelium


Biohifas employs the power of mycelium and valorizes industrial side streams into the food.

We are developing technology in 3 areas:

  • Side stream processing into food grade substrates.

  • Mycelium cultivation in solid state fermentation.

  • Raw material conservation.


Tomas Byčkovas
CEO & co-founder

Let's make it affordable!
Passionate plant based diet promoter.

Simas Borkertas
CSO & co-founder

Let's make it science proof!
Candidate for PhD on cultivation mushroom in side streams.

Edvinas Genys
CDO & co-founder

Let's make it tasty!
Chef and food technologist, 15 years experience at Unilever.

Advisory board

Martynas Kandzeras

Prominent business angel with a keen interest in DeepTech.

Diana Šalkauskienė

Vast experience in innovation projects.

Giedrius Uždavinys

Expert in processing grains and other materials.

Sigitas Kalkys

CEO of beer brewery.


We are looking for curious minds, who
are amazed by the great kingdom of fungi.
Let's employ the power of mycelium and
solve the problems that our world faces!